5 Needs of a Gen-Z Bride
Published April 29, 2024

Are you a Gen-Z Bride? We got you, Queen!

What are the needs of a Gen-Z Bride? Gen-Z Babes, you know things have changed drastically since your parents were married. A generation ago weddings were based on a very specific formula. You had the basics (color scheme, cake, menu) that we still have now. But your needs are different, your tastes diverse, and the notion that weddings should be wholly serious affairs is outdated. Not only are you more free in what you want your wedding to say, you have evolved criteria your wedding must meet. So with your unique checklist in mind, here are 5 needs of a Gen-Z Bride and how we can help!

#1: Make it Simple!

More than any other generation, you Gen-Z beauties don’t mess around. You want to know how something solves your problem simply and quickly. And when you’re a bride, the problems can seem overwhelming. Venue, vendors, caterers, designers? What do you need and where do you find them? The easiest way to fix all your problems at once is to pick a venue that either provides all services or has preferred vendors of every kind. A venue that provides everything may seem the simplest, but then you’re locked into only the options that venue has. A better solution that still gives you full freedom is to choose a venue that has a preferred list of vendors, but doesn’t require you to use them. The Venue at the Ranches in Eagle Mountain, Utah has preferred vendors for every one of your needs (including an alpaca experience, in case that appeals) but you’re not required to use them. It solves your problems fast but still gives you the flexibility to fully be you.

#2: Make it Sustainable!

You’re a conscientious generation that truly cares about how you are personally affecting the future. That means buying an endless list of items for your wedding that will just end up in a landfill doesn’t really appeal. Gen-Z brides do a lot of renting, borrowing, and choosing venues that include all the decor. Again, selecting an all-inclusive venue is sustainable, but doesn’t leave as much room for self-expression. If instead you pick one like the Venue at the Ranches, you’ll get your all the basics included–tables, chairs, linens, easels, and arches–that require only a little decor to make it truly yours. Take that sustainability a step further by purchasing, or better yet thrifting only decor that you plan to use in your new home together. Then it has a dual purpose, so you’re thinking of the world’s future while building part of your own.

#3: Make it About the Two of You!

So often couples plan for this momentous day that’s supposed to be a celebration of them and it ends up being about pleasing, feeding, and entertaining everyone else. It’s why the Covid-mandated but surprisingly embraced eloping trend has continued after restrictions were lifted. Some couples have found that doing a semi-elopement by drastically limiting the guest list and making intimacy a top priority just hits differently. Even if it’s going solo on certain events only, like a one-on-one cake cutting or first dance, it can create a wedding experience that puts the focus where it should be: squarely on the bride and groom! At our venue you can have a secluded ceremony and other vital marital moments in the Dinning Hall or out in the Courtyard, then move into the grand Banquet Hall for a larger celebration. Or even host the big reception AFTER the honeymoon to reduce stress on the special day–and come back for your reception nicely tanned too!

#4: Make Memories with Friends and Family!

Sounds contradictory after the last point, but Gen-Z brides also want the day to provide chances for making lasting memories with their family and friends. This doesn’t mean putting the focus on the guests, but it does mean providing unforgettable guest experiences. There’s no one way to do this, in fact the possibilities are endless, and it’s really about what shared experience you most crave with your loved ones. That might be commissioning an artist to paint quick watercolor images of each guest that can be given to them as favors, as well as serve as your beautifully visual guest book. Or it might be having each guest write their wish for the couple on a paper lantern and then releasing them all at once during the couple’s exit for a breathtaking and magical sendoff. Use our venue’s indoor-outdoor spaces to create opportunities for sharing special moments not just with your groom, but with everyone that matters to you.

#5: Make it Exactly YOU!

Gen-Z Queens are about expression–and your wedding is the perfect medium to express yourself! Story is also incredibly important to all of Gen-Z and your wedding tells your story out loud. Instead of seeing the wedding punch list (colors, decor, cake, music, food) as an exhausting catalog of stuff you have to do, think of each as a piece of your story to share with everyone. Whether that’s live swing music and custom cocktails for your speakeasy-inspired reception or combining his love of rock and roll with your tropical floral vision for a one-of-a-kind design. The details are what will make your wedding unlike any other, make it a true melding of the two of you, just as your marriage is. That means starting with a blank canvas that can be made into anything–like the Venue at the Ranches. Use the bright space as a backdrop, then tell your couple story all over it!


As a Gen-Z Bride, you have different, more community-minded priorities than brides of the past. You don’t just want your wedding to be a lavish event that impresses your guests. You want it to be responsible, romantic, memorable, and worth your resources. The Venue at the Ranches can solve all your problems and turn a potentially stressful day into a sustainable and sunny celebration. But wherever you choose to tie the knot, make sure the setting meets your needs and answers your bliss.


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