8 Winter Wedding Themes (to Put the YOU in your Yuletide Union!)
Published May 20, 2024


Winter weddings are often rather unfairly considered less than their other-seasoned peers. True, an outdoor ceremony is more difficult–though not impossible–and the landscape no longer lush. But the stark and snowy outdoors, cold starry nights, and festive calendar provide the setting for wedding ideas and themes completely unique to the winter months. So sit back and sip something hot while you consider these 8 Winter Wedding Themes certain to make you all toasty inside.

#1: Evergreen Elegance

Not gonna lie, we’re OBSESSED with this theme! Everything evergreen is a rustically gorgeous–not to mention freshly fragrant–way to go organic for the winter season. Leaning into those rustic elements here is key; incorporating raw wood details, an abundance of white, and even a backdrop of unadorned but nicely flocked fur trees to give your whole wedding the feeling of being set in the center of a winter forest. The great thing about evergreen is that even faux evergreen garlands can be believable if mixed with the real thing or twined with other faux greens to make them much more lush while keeping things affordable. So add some lambs ear or eucalyptus to your evergreen garlands and even festoon them with white berries for stunning natural visuals. Keep the palette white against the greenery or include some deep emerald and string those evergreen garlands everywhere–draped from overhead beams, trailing own the center of the table, circling the head of the bride, and suggested in motifs on the cake and invitations. Don’t forget a bunch of evergreen for a simply original bridal bouquet. A fresh take in every sense of the word.

#2: Black and Gold Glitz

My oh my, this is a striking color palette for your special day! Winter gives you the chance to anchor your hues with black as long as it’s brightened by gold, and the two together instantly denotes glamour. Nothing says sophistication like invitations and event signage in black with gold lettering. This would be the perfect time to designate a black tie dress code–emphasis on the “black.” It can be difficult to suggest a color for guests to wear. Luckily, most people have black semi-formal to formal wear or can easily borrow it. Imagine everyone–guests and bridal party included–dressed to the nines in black with the bride alone in white. Talk about a bride moment! Gold is ideal for decor and centerpieces and the warm-hued metal adds an element that’s at once industrial and elegant. Also, wedding cakes with a gold foil accent legit take our breath away!

#3: A Christmas Carol Union

Now, hold on a sec before you dismiss this wedding theme as too tacky. We’re not suggesting you have the ghoulish Ghost of Christmas Future as a DJ (we’re not insisting you don’t, either ;). But few things bring to mind the most sentimental parts of the Christmas season as the classic Dickens’ tale and Victorian elements are cozily lavish. Think gold details paired with holly and mistletoe, spiced cakes, mulled wine, and full skirts. Maybe even a nod to Victorian fashion in the bridal gown or groom’s suit. It doesn’t need to be a costume party, but the spirit (pun intended) of the tale of transformation and kindness can be captured with a few well-placed features. Nothing is more romantic than candlelight, especially winking from the branches of Victorian ornament- adorned fur trees and glowing on every surface. Consider lining the aisle with vintage lanterns, scattering old fashioned lamp posts between tables, wrapping bridesmaid bouquets in old book pages, and maybe even greeting guests with outdoor carolers for a heartwarming and unforgettable celebration.

#4: Ice and Snow

How can we ignore the greatest organic element of the winter season? Snow and ice are beautiful in nature and in wedding decor. Not to go all Disney on you (though we’ll admit to being giddy over “Frozen”-themed weddings we’ve seen) but flooding your wedding with crystal, diamonds, and chilly elements is uniquely glamorous. Surround the venue with silver gilded mirrors to suggest icy surfaces and make the space look even larger. “Iced” wedding cakes or those topped in icicles have got to be one of the most jaw-dropping things ever, and using candles and flickering light amidst all those reflective surfaces? Swoon. Embrace a color scheme of dreamy blue on blue shades and offer sticks of white rock candy for the kids–as well as tossing one into adult drinks–for a whimsical touch. And please have the flower girl scatter snowflakes and let a sprinkling of snow fall on the bride and groom as they make their exit.

#5: Navy Nostalgia

Speaking of having the winter blues, don’t discount centering your day on navy. This deep and moody classic that pairs so gorgeously with white also partners with many shades that can make for an unexpected winter aesthetic: navy and peach (remember, “peach fuzz” is the wedding color for 2024) as well as navy and emerald are two stunning combos. Because navy is such a dramatic hue, it allows other Christmas-y elements that might otherwise come across cheesy to be playful instead. Consider a garland of navy ornaments cascading down an entry staircase, distressed navy and white nutcracker centerpieces, or a navy bedecked tree. Provide navy wrapping paper and ribbons in a separate room for guests to enjoy gift-wrapping their offering for the couple and surprise everyone with a white iced cake that’s deliciously dark blue on the inside. And blue thistles in the florals are a winter plant that should not be missed out on!

#6: Medieval Matrimony

“Winter is coming…” and so are Medieval-themed weddings! Go full “Game of Thrones” with intricately braided hair, a wolf-dog ring-bearer, and dragon scale detailing on desserts. Nod to Robin Hood with a seating chart secured by arrow and mossy details on tables. Maybe channel the Vikings by including one or several Norse ceremony traditions like handfasting or the bride and groom drinking from horns. Each is differently representative of their union; the groom offering the bride his sword is a symbol that he entrusts her with his lineage and family legacy. Incorporating these parts of ancient heritages isn’t meant to be a gimmick but rather a return to the most poignant marriage rites from the foundations of matrimony. It proves that the union doesn’t have to be complicated or the decor fancy for the wedding to be meaningful. In fact, sometimes the more rustic the setting, the more moving the merger. So bring on the wood furnishings don’t forget the faux furs–for the groom, for the bride, piled on benches and seats for the guests. If you’re really adventurous you could consider an outdoor ceremony with standing heaters, plenty of faux furs to keep everyone warm, and hot beverages inside for after the “I do”s.

#7: Vintage Hollywood

A theme of old Hollywood glamour is perfection for a winter wedding. Why? Well, the black and white color palette, for starters. But it’s also in the textural details. Old Hollywood was all about satin, furs, feathers, diamonds, pearls, and excess in the most refined way. It’s regal while still clever and playful. You can include director-style bride and groom chairs, a themed photo booth, even a red carpet with your own paparazzi photographer to snap guests as they enter. Since candid, documentary-style filming and photography is trending, you as a couple also get to star in your own movie all day long just like the original starlets. Old Hollywood screams champagne, so the return of the champagne tower and intricate, vintage white cakes are aptly timed for this theme. Top hats off to couples who, in lieu of regular Save-the-Dates, have sent photos posed in front of a movie marquee with “Coming Soon” and the details of their upcoming day displayed. Now we just need the bride and groom and it’s Lights, Camera, Action!

#8: Crimson Crush

It sounds obvious, but a crimson and white wedding palette is downright breathtaking. It creates such a rich palette that’s easy to match to and festively lovely. By sticking strictly to crimson and white, it channels the Christmas season without letting the holiday overtake your nuptials. The flower choices for this are drastically dynamic: crimson calla lilies, bunches of deep burgundy roses, and holly branches everywhere! Holly packs such a pretty punch in floral arrangements and boutonnieres, ornamenting a cake, or taking center stage on tables in white ceramics. Some of the most striking winter bridal photos feature a bride in a white gown against a snowy backdrop with a pop of crimson in her lipstick, bouquet, or draped in a cloak around her shoulders. And let’s not forget the food! Cranberry becomes the hero of the menu glazed on entrees, garnishing appetizers, and infusing cocktails. And featuring a seasonal favorite like cranberry is another way to elevate the comforts of the season with new sophistication. We’ve got a serious crush on this crimson theme and we’re sure you could too.


These 8 are just a few of the rich array of winter wedding themes and inspirations you can draw from for your special day. Whether you go full Yuletide or you’re influenced by the serene enchantment of the winter season, there’s no reason your cold weather celebration can’t be as dazzling as a wedding in any other season. Ask yourself what parts of the winter season you enjoy most, and center your ceremony on those.

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