Autumn Bride? 5 Unforgettable Themes for You!
Published May 04, 2024


Are you an Autumn Bride? Here are 5 Unforgettable Wedding Themes you have to check out! Summer weddings may get the most hype but weddings in the fall are downright lovely. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and things are starting to get cozy. It’s the perfect time for a snuggle-up ceremony and we are so here for it! IT’s also a chance to play with themes that might seem heavy at other times of the year, but hIt just right in the fall months. So here are 5 autumn wedding themes as fire as the roasting marshmallows after-party you should definitely have!

#1: Harvest Charm

Take your inspiration directly from the changing season! This is a classic autumn wedding with a palette borrowed from the trees: orange, red, emerald, gold, and rust. It’s warm colors and layered textures; and it’s drawing on the idea of the harvest. That could mean pumpkins used as flower holders, a vintage wheelbarrow full of ice for drinks, or apples! What could be more charming than an apple-cinnamon wedding cake or an apple cider bar for guests? Because this theme instantly evokes comfort, rustic details elevate it in a completely homey way. Have your flower girl scatter soft autumn leaves, amble up the aisle barefoot, and enjoy a wedding that is both bountiful and beautiful.

#2: Dark Glamour

Charcoal grays paired with deep plums and crimsons, dark and luxurious fabrics contrasted against gold and brass. Heading into cooler months opens the gate for dusky hues and dramatic visuals. The result is darkly glamorous and moodily romantic. Consider a wedding gown that ombres into a crimson or pewter hem. Design a unique tablescape of pomegranates, plum colored roses. This theme invites a haunting harmony between the flickering lights of tapered candles and shadows. Smoky jazz on an old record player, blackberry cocktails, it’s atmospheric without being over-the-top and exudes easy opulence that your guests won’t soon forget.

#3: Upscale Halloween

Take it a step further than atmospheric into spooky territory. We can’t discuss autumn wedding themes without touching on Halloween! While this theme can get cheesy fast, there’s a way to hearken back to All-Hallow’s Eve in a sophisticated way. It’s perfect for the “Til Death” signs trending as cake toppers, backdrops, and in lieu of bride and groom placards. And it allows for some seriously playful details: Tarot card save-the-dates or invites, skull elements in boo-tenniers (had to get one pun in, right?), a bouquet swathed in a delicate cobweb. Wicked food choices abound–darkly coated “poisoned” apples might be our favorite. And there’s no better time to wear a bewitching black wedding dress.

#4: Hippie Boho

Boho weddings have been on the scene for years now–and it looks like they’re not leaving anytime soon–because they’re relaxed, rustic, and beautifully free-spirited. Just as the 70s have made a resurgence in disco wedding vibes, they’ve also been infused into a more hippie-chic flavor of bohemian. That means macrame and feathers in the decor and bouquets or swapping out bouquets for flower-laced tambourines. It means flower crowns and foot jewelry for a barefoot bridal party. It means layering rugs and cushions on the floor and lounging at low, palette tables. And maybe even going on a wandering romp in a hippie van for your honeymoon!

#5: Masquerade!

Not to burst into song here but the scene from “Phantom of the Opera” has only made this theme dating back centuries even more lavish and tantalizing. Nothing could be more delightfully mysterious than a masked ball, giving a captivating Carnivale ambiance to your wedding festivities. Worried that people won’t keep to the theme? Provide mask options for guests to choose on their way in or place them in the center of dinner settings. Exaggerate the glitter, the jewels, the extravagant gowns. Keep lights dim, provide an otherworldly mood with a very light haze from a smoke machine or dry ice. Add a live string quartet and an abundance of candles–candles everywhere! Whether or not you want to include a tortured phantom playing the organ is up to you. 😉


Whether your vision for your wedding is a far-out flower child hang or waltzing with your groom at your very own masked ball, autumn is ripe with unique and stunning wedding themes. Take your inspiration here or find your own eclectic blend. The key is to be sure it honors your love as well as your favorite parts of the fall season.

Oh, and book the Venue at the Ranches in Eagle Mountain, Utah while you’re at it. 😉


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