Springtime Brides! 7 Spring Wedding Themes to Swoon Over
Published May 20, 2024


You’re a spring bride, you lucky queen! Spring weddings are often the most coveted because the weather is mild, the color choices are vast, and the themes unfailingly idyllic. Springtime naturally evokes romance, and there are countless ways to interpret that. But here are 7 of our favorite Springtime Wedding Themes to get you dreaming of your perfect spring ceremony!

#1: Romantic Cottage-Core

Rings in a bird nest? Adorable! Cottage-core is like the reigning queen of springtime weddings because it embodies everything that is iconically spring: blooming flowers, song birds, furnishings and decor you’d see in a picturesque cottage with daisies in a jar on the table and windows thrown open to the sweet breeze. Spring is about new awakenings and rustic charm, and cottage-core is pure rustic charm. Use a wooden swing in your decor or pose on one for your photos. Not only is cottage-core dreamy and oh-so romantic, it’s also one of the most affordable wedding themes because it is, by definition, about handmade things and lovely simplicity. The cake should be unadorned and edged with common blossoms, the decor should be thrifted and shabby chic, the florals should be wildflowers that look like they were just plucked from the garden. and tied with twine. With this theme you want to avoid duplicates like centerpieces made of exactly the same components or bridesmaid dresses of identical cut and color. Mix and match is best to give that cottage-core mood of frugality and quaintness. What a way to make your wedding sustainable and keep the focus on the intimacy of your union.

#2: Lovely Lavender

Your wedding should be a sensory experience. It should also be a day you remember for the rest of your life. And what sense is most strongly linked to memory? Smell. We love the idea of not just creating memorable visuals and tastes for your wedding but truly memorable scents as well. Lavender is a quintessential springtime scent; appealing but not overpowering. Plus it promotes calm and relaxation, which are exactly how you want to feel on your wedding day! And beyond its serene scent, lavender is just so pretty. It’s a beautiful color that pairs wonderfully with any other springtime shade you can think of (we defy you to think of one it doesn’t partner perfectly) and the flower itself is a lovely adornment to any wedding element; whether that’s pressed into the seal on an invitation, the embellishment on a plate setting, or crowning the border of the cake (not to mention a lavender-infused mocktail). And it doesn’t have to stop with lavender. Light purple blooms like lilac and spilling wisteria are incomparably beautiful in floral art and bouquets. Lilac generally only blooms for a limited number of weeks. But if it can be timed right to include in your wedding, it’s even more aromatically enticing.

#3: Gorgeous Grays

Gray might sound like a dreary choice for a spring wedding, unless it’s considered part of a theme of rain and rebirth. Springtime showers are atmospheric and peaceful, and the wedding inspired by them will be as well. Along with rooting your color scheme in gorgeous grays and whites, this might mean using draped chiffon and soaring cloud decor to give a sense that the springtime shower is happening right inside your venue. It might mean forgoing the subtle sense of overhead clouds and instead festooning the tables with them or providing a custom cloud cocktail. It might mean holding the ceremony in a garden with a fountain or running water to add to the sensory experience of rainfall. But rain and clouds or not, a palette of grays can be both sophisticated and whimsical. It’s a great alternative for the bride who is feminine but not big on flowers. Opt for the latest in the trend of nature-inspired wedding desserts with a concrete cake or order gray suits all around for a polished groomsmen look. After all, rain at weddings is said to be a sign of good luck for the couple. But if you can’t order up a light rain, you can recreate the ambiance of one.

#4: Pastel Picnic

As soon as it’s spring what do we want to do? Go on a picnic, of course! Picnics in the spring feel like sweet freedom, like waking up to a world that is awakening also. They’re refreshing, invigorating, and vibrant. Unlike the grays we just discussed, this theme is all about color, layered texture, flowers, and more flowers! A springtime picnic should be surrounded by blossoms in a riot of pastel colors. It’s ideal for the florals-as-art trend where flowers replace decor, cakes are surrounded by mini meadows, and the even the groom’s suit is in bloom. And what could be more charming than providing palette tables on the ground surrounded by cushions and blankets for guests to sit and enjoy–inside or out?! Provide, too, baskets of umbrellas or lace parasols for the ladies to protect their fine complexions. Feast on a buffet of fruit, finger foods, and dainty desserts. Just be prepared for your guests to be so relaxed they might take a nap right in the shade.

#5: A White Wedding

You might be thinking, “White for a wedding? How original.” But we’re not talking about a regular white wedding theme. We’re talking about your wedding being dynamically white! We’re talking about taking the most classic wedding color of all and absolutely running with it. While this might sound like a very safe way to go, it would actually take a brave bride to do this. Why? Because, among other things, this might mean absolutely everyone wearing white, not just you. We all know that unless you’re the bride, you’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding. It would take a seriously confident bride to say, “It doesn’t matter if anyone or EVERYONE else is wearing white. I’m still going to be the star.” And if you have the courage to do that, this theme could be absolutely jaw-dropping. Imagine bridesmaids, groomsmen, groom, guests, the whole gang in shades of white surrounded by flowers, decor, backdrop, the whole thing in–you guessed it–more shades of white. How stunning! How original! How insanely striking in your photos! There’s so much room for bold choices like a cascading orchid bridal bouquet, a show-stopping architectural masterpiece of a cake, or going crazy with monochromatic textures to create a sense of unsurpassed luxury. Is it for the faint of heart? No. Could it be amazing? Absolutely!

#6: Peonies and Cherry Blossoms

For the girl who loves pink, consider a wedding bursting at the seams with peonies and cherry blossoms. The massive bloom of a pink peony is a perfect pairing for the delicate cherry blossom and every rosy shade in between. The branchy detail of a sakura balances the fiercely feminine blush of the flowers and opens the door for subtle Japanese elements in your decor. Consider creating a ceiling of wagasa umbrellas or use airy Japanese screens to furnish your venue. Lean into the cherry element by serving white chocolate-dipped Maraschinos or sweet Shirley Temples. There’s no shortage of unique pink desserts from fragrant strawberry ice cream to quirky cherry blossom lollipops. Rather than becoming over-the-top, embracing every pink addition will only make the whole event more playful and fun for guests as well as for you. And if you’re not having fun at your wedding, something’s wrong!

#7: Dreamy Victorian

An Anne of Green Gables themed wedding? Does it get more romantic?! Even if you’re not a fan, a dreamy Victorian spring wedding might just be for you. Whether indoors, in a garden beside a flowing brook, or surrounded by an avenue of white-blossomed trees, weddings with Victorian inspiration are daydreams come to life. Centerpieces composed of old books and pastel flowers blooming from vintage tea cups are charming without being fussy. You might even consider nixing a lunch or dinner service in lieu of a lovely and laid-back tea (raspberry cordial or currant wine optional) with lace fans provided for the ladies. Wow them in a VIctorian-reminiscent wedding gown or wear long gloves and pearls. Why not ornament your cake with pearls as well? Include a classic bicycle–not just because it’s an adorable detail in the decor, but also to have cards placed in the basket. Or go a step further: enter as a couple on the bicycle, ringing the bell to herald your arrival. This is also the perfect time to do an audio guest book by having guests record their wishes for the bride and groom on a vintage phone.


Springtime weddings may be the most popular, but yours doesn’t have to be just one in a long list of upcoming nuptials. Use one of these 7 dreamy themes to create a swoon-worthy celebration both you and your guests will remember. Or go your own way entirely. Just be sure whatever theme you choose is bright, fresh, and a charm-filled celebration of romance.

Oh, and book the Venue at the Ranches while you’re at it! 😉


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