The 7 Best Wedding Themes This Summer
Published April 29, 2024


The 7 Best Summer Wedding Themes for 2024-2025–and why our Venue’ is the perfect place to host your big day! The Summer 2024 wedding season is coming quick! Wedding experts have predicted which trends will carry over from last year and what vogues are up and coming. While all weddings are the couple’s story brought to life and will therefore be much more personal in detail, here are some of the general themes we’re loving for this summer (and why we, The Venue at The Ranches in Eagle Mountain, Utah should host it for you!).

#1: Bridgerton Garden Party

This Regency-inspired theme is swoony and endlessly romantic. It’s also based on 2 of the most classically reimagined trends for 2024: elevated florals and rich pastels. Flowers aren’t just for centerpieces anymore. This summer we’ll see them dominating the decor, made into floral art installations, composing a cake meadow, on whimsical floral wedding gowns, and blooming from pocket boutonnieres. Combine that with a palette of pastels and you’ll have a wedding any Bridgerton would burn for. 😉 And our Venue’s unique indoor-outdoor space opens right into the secluded courtyard. With it the scene is set for a passionate garden encounter. Guest Experience Idea: Turn your reception into a Regency ball with group dance instruction!

#2: Cowboy Gothic

Yep, you heard that right: Cowboy Gothic. When we think of Cowboy/Western theme we tend to think more on the rustic boho side. But this theme took off last year and is only growing–combining rough and tumble Western with the dark glamour of Gothic. This is where we’ll see more custom leather jackets with the wedding date and a handwritten message from your spouse inside, or a similar message scrawled on the bottom of matching black cowboy boots for the bride and groom. But these edgy and adorable keepsakes aren’t the only draw. The melding of boho and black makes for a stunning setting–and our Venue’s high-contrast fixtures and upscale barn-inspired architecture are the perfect backdrop. Incorporate this season’s hottest stone into your wedding: turquoise!

#3: Disco Time!

One theme getting just as big as the hair is Disco! The 70s are making a comeback and this whole theme is personified by the item that’s been taking over the wedding scene: the disco ball! Disco balls are EV-ERY-WHERE in wedding world right now: glam-ifying the side of the cake, scattered in playful tablescapes, and hanging in dizzying clusters above the dance floor (our Venue’s soaring ceilings provide ample room for a glittering overhead arrangement), They set the tone for the fun and flirty vibe this theme demands. Make no mistake, a Disco-inspired wedding is a VIBE and should be fully embraced from teased manes and bold colors to a bell-bottom reception outfit for the bride to better groove the night away. To honor the 70s, do a record-signing guest book!

#4: Barbie, Anyone?!

Speaking of party, another theme that encompasses several hot trends is the ambassador of pink: Barbie! The lady is inescapable right now–and we’e delighted about it–but it’s more about the kind of couple she represents: quirky, fierce, and FUN, FUN, FUN! Unlike overly serious weddings of the past, nuptial celebrations these days are becoming more relaxed, entertaining, and lighthearted. That said, this theme can be literally implemented with pinks in every shade and rollerskating up the aisle, or more subtly nodded to with this season’s it color–peach fuzz–and serving upscale cotton candy cones. This would be a perfect opportunity to put your bridesmaids in white and take the spotlight in a vivid, rosy hue. And of course deck yourself in this season’s top accessory: bows and more bows! Use our Venue’s entry staircase to create a cascade of pink balloons or blooms that will give you a one-of-a-kind entrance!

#5: Constellation Inspiration

Easily one of the dreamiest wedding themes, couples will be taking inspiration from the heavens; whether that’s using sun and moon motifs to signify their yin and yang union, or incorporating their actual astrological signs into the decor and details. The sky’s limit with this theme (sorry, had to) and the results are breathtaking! High contrast visuals are also trending this season–using moody navy and obsidian against moonlight white makes for a stunning atmosphere. It’s also perfect to play with another growing trend: innovative lighting. Just drape the rafters in our Venue with midnight-blue chiffon and floating star paper lanterns. Astrological elements can be anywhere and everywhere, from groomsmen pins to temporary tattoos for guests of their own astrological signs. Don’t forget a star-spangled veil and a “Written in the Stars” backdrop. Guest Experience: Layer throw pillows and blankets outside and provide a telescope for stargazing!

#6: 90s Rager!

The 90s have returned! This theme might give some of us boy band flashbacks but that’s part of the fun. Whether you use a cassette tape seating chart, provide ring pops for party favors, or go full throwback with the DJ’s jams, these nostalgic touches will jump start the ultimate party! More than any other theme, it’s a perfect medium for one of the fastest-growing trends: candid, documentary-style photos and video. Unlike formal, overly posed wedding photography, couples now are wanting to capture the raw moments that make the day so special. Enter the Polaroid guest book and photo booth van. Our Venue has a custom drive-up area specifically for a photo truck and even a food truck to indulge in another trend: late-night savory snacks for guests. Pair this with some silver slip dresses for bridesmaids–that 90s silver is having a big wedding moment–and a retro neon sign or two, and this party will truly be off the hook. Wanna have a more traditional wedding and still be able to let loose? What could be more 90s than a wild after-party?!

#7: Fantasy Escape

Imagine an epic love story set in a mystical wood and you’ll be on track for this theme. Whether it’s a barefoot ceremony in a circlet of trees or a candle-lit masquerade ball, a fantasy theme is enchanting. It’s organic elements and cottage-core meets moody romantic and there are countless trends to consider: Tablescapes covered in tapered candles, bridesmaids carrying lanterns instead of bouquets, walking through an processional of raised swords or even using one to cut the cake. This theme also gives you a chance to try out special wedding rituals like a hand- binding ceremony. Not only is this fantasy-come- to-life for the couple, it makes for an unparalleled guest experience. With our Venue’s multiple rooms and courtyard you can create a wooded labyrinth or whatever unique and wondrous world you can imagine for your special day. Don’t miss out on layering texture and doing mix and match dresses for your bridesmaids!


The whole purpose of your wedding theme is that it tell your story as a couple. Are you a whimsical pair with a shared love of “Game of Thrones” or homies who want to party like it’s 1999? It doesn’t need to be cheesy or overdone, unless that’s your thing. But whether it’s one of these themes or a different one altogether, be sure it reflects the two of you and how you want to start your life together.

Oh, and book The Venue at the Ranches while you’re at it. 😉


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